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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Dec 26, 2018

“I firmly believe that unless the family begins to change, there will be no change”

Despite growing up within a family beset with mental illness, Dr. Louise Stanger is an accomplished individual in the recovery field. She is an author, a speaker, a professor, mother, grandmother, widow and above all these roles she...

Dec 19, 2018

“We all get the perfect lessons that we need if we are open to seeing them” -Pamela Ziemann

Pamela Ziemann is a catalyst for creativity and confidence. She is a former real estate appraiser turned actress, who encourages people to express their authentic self.

In this episode, Pamela talks to Jeff about her amazing...

Dec 12, 2018

"I don't have to fall into the box...and nobody don't need to fit in a box" -Dr. Reef Karim

A star at whatever he does, Dr. Reef Karim takes time to sit and talk with Jeff about his passion for helping people express themselves.

Raised in a strict Indian family where, at the very moment he was born, his...

Dec 5, 2018

“Addiction shouldn’t be called addiction, it should be called ritualized compulsive comfort seeking” -Alida Schuyler talking about what Dr. Daniel Sumrok said about addiction

She is one of the most interesting people Jeff has come in contact with, and Alida Schuyler’s life is a story to be told. Jeff met her 8...

Nov 28, 2018

“I really see where addiction in the family can create an opportunity for transformation for everyone” -Jeff Jones

Tables have been turned and Jeff is being put under the spotlight for this episode. Cody Wooten will be interviewing and Jeff Jones will be the one answering the questions.

Just a bit of a background...