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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Jul 31, 2019

“One of the best aspects of healthy masculine energy is you do what needs to be done.”- Geoff Laughton


If you feel like your life is in a rut, don’t despair. It’s a good sign that you’re awareness and longing to connect is at work. Today’s episode is especially for those who desire to address the...

Jul 24, 2019

“Well, one of the things is recognizing that rehab isn't for everybody... Not everybody with an addiction belongs in rehab.” –Anne Fletcher


On what basis is there for such a claim? Anne Fletcher, an award-winning health and medical writer and author of best-selling books on weight loss and sobriety, spends years...

Jul 17, 2019

“You have to really look within to make sure that a family has what they need to be able to address the crisis.” ­–Lee Daly


Take that from a passionate family advocate who has a lifetime of wisdom to share for families struggling with addiction. Lee Daly was the daughter of an alcoholic. Meaning to find a...

Jul 10, 2019

“You don't think your way out of stress; you feel your way out of it.” –Mary Bowles


Sometimes, there are things that we’ve been doing off beam yet we’re never aware until our understanding of things get flipped to the reality of matters. Therefore, it’s good to know how things really work lest we end...

Jul 3, 2019

“The answer for all of our problems are in the same place as where the problem originates.” –Deborah Sandella


Humans are great at hiding what they really feel. Unknowingly, by restricting their emotions, they’re actually building a painful future. If you’re already in it, Dr. Deborah Sandella knows a way...