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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Jan 30, 2019

“My goal is to lift them up with the strength of their actions even if their actions haven’t always been productive.”-Dr. Robert Weiss


We do anything and everything for the people that we love. Sometimes we fall into crisis dealing with our own relationship problems but we fall even deeper into that crisis by...

Jan 23, 2019

“A lot of what I’d like to do is to try to help people, if they are in a dead end, to get out and decide for themselves how it is to be human”

Started out in Engineering and found a drive to go to Med school, Dr. Michael Levin discovered his passion in Addiction psychiatry. He is now an accomplished psychiatrist...

Jan 9, 2019

“The healing process is ...educating yourself on your own emotion.”

Meet the woman behind two best-selling books: “Running On Empty- Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect” and “Running on Empty No More-Transform Your Relationship With Your Partner, Your Parents and Your Children.” Dr. Jonice Webb. She is...

Jan 3, 2019

“The family is core for everything.”-Pam Feinberg-Rivkin

Being a nurse by profession and having to serve in many areas of the medical field such as dialysis, homecare and case management, Pam Feinberg is an eyewitness of how addiction is gradually injected from vials of trauma and drug prescriptions to people of...