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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Mar 11, 2020

“So much of what we do perpetuates problems, not by intent, but by a lack of understanding.” -Dr. Mike Barnes


The main focus of the recovery process is often given to the addict in the family and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is out of genuine love that they go to great lengths to make sure the needs of their loved one are well provided for. But for family recovery to be realized in its entirety, they must look into the often undermined effects of addiction: trauma. Family members don’t realize that they are traumatized until they start prioritizing their own needs. Hence today’s episode homes in on how to help family members realize that they are traumatized and help them recover from it. Our guest, Dr. Mike Barnes also talks about the biology of how we cope with problems and the epigenetics of addiction and trauma. This understanding will greatly help in the treatment and recovery process that families may choose along their journey. He also differentiates between problem and crisis and how our stories create an impact on the decisions we make. Dr. Barnes also gives some suggestions in making the paradigm shift in family recovery even more effective. It only takes one or two members to spark the change. The question now lies on who’s going to take that privilege.

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03:47 Serving Families With Addiction 

10:47 Living in Recovery Together

18:32 Coping Begins With Family Goals and Values

23:48 Helping Families To Understand That They Are Traumatized

31:53 The Epigenetics of Addiction and Trauma

38:13 Understanding The Biology of How We Cope To And Solve Problems

44:50 3 Rules of an Alcoholic Family And How to Challenge Them

54:55 A Shift In Recovery Processes Needed