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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Jan 1, 2020

“All you need to do is take action every day to support your body and your body is going to take care of you.” -Nancy Miggins 


To take care of yourself is to take care of others. The last thing we want is to fall ill when everybody has already recovered. It’s something everyone must do and gain mastery over. When we are at the negative end of the continuum, we cannot function at an optimum level. Therefore, any decision made while in that state of stress can mean only trouble. Joining us in today’s episode is Dr. Nancy Miggins, a seasoned expert in health and wellness. She provides practical guidance on how to master self-care in 8 simple steps. She also lets us in on some fun facts about detoxification and weight loss. The human physiological makeup is designed to be able to heal itself. Therefore, as the owners of our personage, it is our sheer duty to support it.  Join in and “reclaim your power over health”! 

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03:50 Reclaim Power Over Health Without Narcotics

08:13 How to Shift From Self-Destructive Patterns 

17:49 Stress and Disease 

21:06 Facilitated Pathway 

24:39 How to Break Down Stress 

29:37 How to Find Gratitude Amidst Crisis

40:30 Where Does Healing Really Happen? 

46:52 8 Daily Practices to Master Health