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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Dec 18, 2019

“The first step is really just seeing what the pieces are at play and accepting the pieces at play as they are.” -Vincent Peronne


Sometimes what makes our fight harder is not the fight itself, but the things that we can’t control. In that event, what are we to do? Vincent Peronne sheds light on this topic and expounds on the inside out of neurology. He also shares about the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), a type of sensory-intervention developed by Dr. Stephen Porges and how it can complement recovery. You can move through adversities and win your battle. This conversation will help you determine the best possible steps to help your loved one. 

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03:33 Learning the Inside Out of Neurology

12:48 Strength of the Family vs Strength of Addiction 

24:44 The Safe And Sound Protocol and Sensory Healing 

33:17 What’s In and Out of Our Control

38:50 Effective Handling of What’s In and Out of Our Control

46:52 Groups and Nervous System Regulation

49:46 Increase Your Resiliency