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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Nov 20, 2019

Your kid’s addiction or your family members’ addiction is not your responsibility. How you react to it is your responsibility.” - Kevin Petersen


Addiction is a worldwide trend. It comes in many forms and in varying degrees. Thus, families need to be on guard at all times. However, it’s really hard to exercise withitness in the family. Sometimes, we are not even aware that our own children are addicted. Dr. Kevin Petersen shares some tools and knowledge to help families move away from addiction. The family unit is a cradle of love, support, wisdom and protection. It is where life’s joys and sorrows are shared. If the family is able to perform its function, then addiction has lost its place in the family circle. Nobody beats addiction alone. When families work together, there is guaranteed success.


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02:30 Taking the Natural Evolution in the Addiction and Recovery Path

09:48 Setting Up Boundaries

14:51 Family Support is Essential 

23:25 Reach out Early

31:06 Resources and Guidance for Families

37:18 Ask for Help

42:02 The Sooner, The Better