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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Nov 6, 2019

 “There’s no such thing as drug treatment. What we really need is holistic counselling that incorporates work on the drug issue.”  - Robert Schwebel


As individuals begin to see that they have addiction issues, they begin to think about change. But to go from contemplating about it to actually taking action is no piece of cake. Dr. Robert Schwebel expands on why people use drugs and why they hesitate on taking that first step towards recovery. He also shares about his Seven Challenges Program,  which is used worldwide in motivating individuals to evaluate their lives, consider changes that they want to make, and take steps to implement those changes. But for transformation and recovery to really take place,  people need to believe that their life could be better and get in touch with what truly matters to them. Join in to today’s podcast and discover how you can grab hold of that change and make it into a reality. 

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04:30 The Spark of Interest

11:16 Feeling Powerless

17:44 Being Honest to Ourselves

26:25 Looking at What You Like About Drugs

29:00 Think About the Harm

31:00 Stop the Shame and Blame

33:00 Looking to the Future

40:07 What Will You Do?