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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Oct 23, 2019

“Be your own favorite patient... And whatever you're struggling with makes life really deep and brings you growth and wisdom. Don't turn away from it; embrace it as riches for you to mine, to gain love and wisdom for the rest of your life.” –Dr. Ed Tick


There’s a strong diversion in the healing spectrum called denial. Apparently, it is the nation’s leading disease as well. It’s hardly pounded within cultures, ancestral lines, communities and families and there’s no escaping its grip. Learn how to combat denial and transgenerational trauma as the American shadow gets exposed and a new perspective on addiction leads to a new identity. Move towards an addiction-free and happy family life with today’s episode. An enduring positive change is on the horizon. Your next move is a step nearer that bright tomorrow.


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03:53 Dr. Ed Tick on Addiction as a “Symptom”

15:42 How Families Can Help and Receive Help

24:16 We’re Well or Ill Together

31:50 Denial & Transgenerational Trauma

39:01 Assume Your Identity

44:54 Sending Out Your Recovery Message

49:13 Ancestral Healing

55:34 The American Shadow Exposed

58:01 Be Your Own Favorite Patient