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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Feb 27, 2019

“Everybody in the family has to make changes, and this is how we help parents make those changes.” –Aaron Huey


Whoever said that they sacrificed this and that because they didn’t have a choice is seriously disturbed. They often forget one thing and that will be reminded by our guest, Aaron Huey, the owner of Fire Mountain Residential Program for Young Adults. Working with kids and kids camps lead to this interesting story of Fire Mountain. The unique idea here is a dual diagnosis facility residential treatment for teens not just to get them out of crisis but also to build their confidence and become their best self. As a troubled teenager, Aaron have experimented on various forms of addiction but was able to get through with a lot of self-reflection and guess what! He is turning 22 years now in recovery. Let him share with you some of those reflections.


Nothing is impossible; nothing is hopeless until we start believing it to be. So, here is another recovery solution that you might be interested in. But there’s much more to it. There are a lot going on within a teenagers’ mind that we don’t know about which needs to be addressed, and immediately at that. Just how we know if the kid is in crisis and how parents should deal with it to avoid unnecessary sacrifices and recover from this draining situation while helping their child to heal is all in today’s menu. So, stay tuned in as Aaron Huey walks you through the often overlooked part of recovery: You!


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02:36 Aaron in the Ups and Downs

10:15 Warning Signs!

19:51 How to Reroute the Reaction-to-Response System

30:06 Say the Magic Word: Sorry

40:15 Unnecessary Sacrifices