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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Feb 6, 2019

“What Ibogaine does is it gives people the insight that they have to…have the courage to do something that they must do.” –Richie Ogulnick

Who would dare be a major proponent of an unfamiliar heroine detox with just a flickering assurance of success? Not even this man- Richie Ogulnick, a simple Jewish jeweler from the Bronx who has not even the slightest experience with addiction. But with just one phone call, he was off to Africa to embark on this very challenging adventure to become one of the pioneer enthusiasist of this method.

Dreaded about addiction are the agonizing effects that comes with withdrawal. It’s even worse than addiction itself that some have hesitated to walk the path of sobriety. As Jeff was one advocate of multiple avenues on healing addiction, he sits with Richie Ogulnick to talk about what this out of the box heroine detox is about and how one can be eligible to undergo the process. Contrary to conventional treatment methods, Ibogaine treatment promises a quick somatic reset without the anguish brought by withdrawal symptoms. Just how this happens and what true healing entails is discussed in today’s podcast. Listen in as Jeff and Richie revisit the story of this auspicious encounter with Iboga, the roots of addiction and what every family considering addiction treatment has to know.


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02:55 1989-An Intriguing Encounter

11:55 Off to Africa

19:05 Watch Out for Red Flags!

29:02 What Constitutes Healing?

46:09 What's There Yet to Dream