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Families Navigating Addiction & Recovery

Jan 29, 2020

“There's no ruler until that addict bottoms out and wakes up into their conscious self, their authentic self, and starts the path of recovery.” 


Codependency is a confusing topic under addiction. Numerous ideas branch out that often lead to misunderstanding and eventually, increased harm. Today, Rene Eram joins the stage to enlighten some of the misinformation on codependency and expound on the subject from a different perspective. He explains the nature of roles played out in the drama and points out to these roles as both inherited where one comes out as dominant. These invisible patterns create an obsessive connection that often leads to betrayal, rejection, and abandonment. Rene also discusses the hang-over stage in this type of relationship and nurturing broken programming as a means of coping mechanisms. We all can be addicted to something but this conversation warns mainly on a much destructive form of addiction: progressive addiction.  The goal of recovery is to neutralize codependency and move to your authentic self. Don’t miss out on today’s episode. 

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02:50 Fascination With Invisible Patterns

04:07 Invisible Patterns

06:09 Two Roles: Controller And Dependent

11:16 Codependent Mapping

20:26 Hang-over Stage

24:32 Inherited Pattern Of Codependence 

37:12 Being Their Authentic Self

43:49 Self Rescue Mission